About Us


         It all began in the summer of 2019, where Unboxing Essentials entered the market of offering waxing products to customers that are unable to avail the pricey services of waxing salons. The company started off by selling hard wax beans that could easily be applied at the comfort of one’s own home but later on it went into offering its consumers with premium quality products that promotes both personal care and wellness. The company advertises goods that are simple and straightforward. This means that the items being marketed have basic yet vital uses that can be fetched at reasonable prices. The company’s products and services can be availed from all parts of the Philippines.


         Unboxing Essentials puts both the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers as its main priority. Our products have gone through multiple processes of quality check to ensure that every item is safe and user-friendly. Other than that, if there are concerns coming from the customer no matter the extent, it is handled with utmost diligence. The company continuously grows and performs better by ensuring that the customers are being handled professionally and treated with the greatest of care. This is done through providing an excellent line of customer service that answers all of the customer’s inquiries and concerns. Other than that, when purchases are made and the parcels are in transit, the customers will immediately be updated regarding the matter. Unboxing Essentials will always put your best interests in mind.


         The company, Unboxing Essentials, envisions providing customers with products that should be a right rather than a luxury. It aims to bring into the market goods that are affordable and easy to use which also promotes personal care, wellness, and simplicity. 


 Unboxing Essentials’ mission is to:

  • Provide its customers with affordable products that are of premium quality.
  • Create and cultivate healthy relationships with its customers.
  • Respond to the changes in the customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Achieve utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously improve the products and customer services.
  • Instill professionalism and proper management among all of the company employees to be able to provide the highest standard of performance to the customers.


Our waxing products have gone through numerous quality checks and tests to ensure that it will provide the customers with excellent results. Unboxing essentials is the only platform in the Philippines that offers these authentic hard wax beans that are made from high-end raw materials that are both safe and easy to use. All of the wax variants are made from carefully created formulas that are infused with natural ingredients. 

We are dedicated to creating the best hair removal products for every customer. Our goal is making your skin Hair-Free, Smooth, Moisturized, and Flawless.