dexe hair fibers
Hair Building Fibers
Hair Building Fibers
Hair Building Fibers
Hair Building Fibers

Hair Building Fibers

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Thicker & Fuller Hair in Seconds! 

The Dexe hair building fibers is an amazing, and natural product that instantly eliminates the appearance of thin hair for both men and women. It is a finely textured natural substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of "hair" above your scalp on where your natural hair is.
Product Features:
1: Instantly makes your hair thicker for a day!
2: Made of processed anti-bacterial herbal fiber
3: No chemical and artificial additives
4: Does not compromise the natural balance of your skin or hair
5. Works for both men and women.
6. Will not smear or stain your skin or clothing.
Net Weight: 22g
Color: Black
Product Desired Effects:
✔︎Dexe Hair Fiber will give your hair full thick hair appearance that lasts all day.
✔︎Boost your confidence
What you should know:
  • Your hair needs to be at least 5mm long for the hair fibers to stick on your hair. Your full hair will last all day, but you should avoid exposing it to heavy rain, or excessive sweating as these may cause some of the fibers to fall off.
  • This product is not a hair grower, this is just an instant, temporary and easiest way to cover up your bald and thin hair.

It is a breakthrough product for sufferers who have hair loss that instantly eliminates bald spots or appearance of thinning hair, even if they get a close view, outdoor, under bright sunlight.


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