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Hard Wax Beans (Trial Pack)

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Now Available! Hard Wax Beans in Trial Pack!

Hard Wax Beans is ideal for hair removal for legs, armpit, bikini edge area, chest, back, face, and no strips required


  • EASY TO APPLY: Melt the wax beans with a wax heater, microwave, or double boiler pot, or heat resistant bowl, spread wax onto skin with a spatula along the direction of the hair growth, apply with pressure.
  • EASY TO REMOVE: After the wax set in 15 seconds, remove the wax with quick & firm action, parallel to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • TOP FORMULA: Made from certified natural ingredients, safe to your skin, also no harmful chemical VOC when melting. With Shea Butter that is gentle for your skin.
  • PAINLESS WAY OF WAXING: Hard wax is more efficient for peeling hair than traditional wax, it's gentle to the skin and without had-to-clean wax residues left on your skin.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - easy to Use and Much Less Painful than any other type of waxing. For all fine and coarse hairs.
Experience smooth skin that lasts 3X longer than shaving and with less pain than traditional waxing.
Package includes:
  • 110grams of Hard Wax Beans
  • Free 4 pieces waxing sticks
  • Instructions (how to wax)
  • Free Shipping!